FatWallet Makes Cents

by Kevin on January 13, 2008

I am always looking for little ways to save money. You can save money by not spending it, or spending it more effectively. This post goes into the latter category.

I can’t remember how I came across FatWallet, but I’m glad I did. It is an all in one “deal” site. Users post up deals they find online such as coupon codes at specific retailers. Also, retailers register and will give a certain amount of cash back (through FatWallet) if you visit their site through FatWallet. This is designed to give consumers incentive to purchase, of course. However, if you are already planning on purchasing from the site it becomes an extra discount.

I’ve made three qualifying purchases so far. Back in November I decided I was going to refresh the hardware in our desktop PC. I always purchase parts through NewEgg. Through FatWallet, I can earn 2% cash back on my purchase. I did just that and earned $15.26 on $762.94 in purchases. I would have purchased the parts at NewEgg regardless of the discount, so this is just a nice bonus. On top of all that, I also get cash back on my credit card. Cash back coming from everywhere!

The only catch is you must wait a standard 90 or 120 days from purchase to claim your cash back. This is to insure you don’t purchase items and then return them, while keeping the cash back.

My third purchase was refurbished printer ink, but I’ll go into that purchase at a later date.

I’ve got $26.69 eventually coming back to me. Have you used FatWallet?

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