Welcome GetRichSlowly Readers!

by Kevin on February 19, 2008

A continuation of my Dumb Money series has been allowed to grace the front page of J.D.’s Get Rich Slowly. You can read Dumb Money: The Movie Theater there.

For those new GRS readers, Welcome! I’m Kevin, your local No Debt Plan blogger. I’ve been an active member of the GRS community for quite some time now. I’ve answered many questions over at the GRS Forums, too.

This blog is designed to help people get out of debt. I’ve started writing my very own No Debt Plan that you can check out. I’m a fan of credit cards (paid off every month) and ING savings accounts. One day I would love for this blog to help thousands of people get out of debt and on to financial security.

Some of my most popular posts include:

I truly appreciate you stopping by. Want to know more? You can read additional information on this blog at the About page. You can subscribe to this blog via RSS. Please do come back!

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