Carnival of Personal Finance #141

by Kevin on February 25, 2008

BrokeGradStudent has posted the latest edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance. It’s title The College Years. BGS did a great job with the theme, I really enjoyed it. And thanks to BrokeGradStudent for including my post The Savings Snowball.

Here are some posts I especially enjoyed:

  • MyTwoDollars tells us about his sources of alternative income. Some of them are specific to MTD, but there are a few in there you can try.
  • The Financial Blogger shares The Trap of Working Harder. Makes an excellent point. We work harder to buy more stuff, and we usually buy it with debt which makes us have to work even harder after that. We end up exhausted with nothing but a house full of stuff to show for it.
  • Two Wise Acres talks about remodeling a kitchen on a $4,000 budget. Obviously someone is investing in real estate. I’ll definitely be back to see this one as that is something I am personally interested in.
  • Money Crashers advises everyone that is renting to get renters insurance. I had coverage in college for a whopping $12 per month. I could have purchased everything I owned one and a half times over on the coverage, too.
  • A Penny Closer donated $728 worth of stuff. Less clutter is great. I got excited about a link to something called It’s Deductible that tells you how much your stuff is worth (and of course if it is deductible). Unfortunately it looks to be a TurboTax customer thing. Oh well.
  • The Digerati Life asks us how we got involved in personal finance. My parents gave me a subscription to Money magazine in college. I saw the numbers and said to myself, “Wow, I need to learn more about this.” The rest is history. Thanks Mom and Dad!
  • Badlady talks about entering a lot of sweepstakes. If you are careful and don’t mind giving out some personal information, it can turn out well.
  • MoneyCrashers talks about budgeting on an irregular income. The first step listed is crucial, and we do it too. I am on base plus commission.

That’s it for now. Check out the Carnival for all of the posts.

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