An Introduction to My Points

by Kevin on February 26, 2008

MyPoints is a marketing website designed to encourage users to visit sponsoring retailers to buy stuff. If you buy stuff at Circuit City through MyPoints, you get 4 MyPoints for every dollar you spend. Later on you can swap out your MyPoints for gift cards to other retailers.

I can’t remember which personal finance blog I saw it on, but I was skeptical at first. Anything where I have to spend money to get money makes me nervous. However, this sounded a bit like FatWallet, which I have discussed in the past. If I am already planning on spending money on something, I have no problem in getting a little bit extra reward for doing so.

There is a slight difference with MyPoints. You don’t necessarily have to spend money to accrue points. Every day they send out at least one e-mail to you with an offer, survey, or reminder of some sort. Just by clicking the link within the offer you usually earn 5 points. Do this enough times and you’ll earn your gift card. It may take a while, but it is free nonetheless.

Here’s how I setup my MyPoints system:

  1. Opened a new Gmail account specifically for offers. This way if I end up getting any spam, it doesn’t affect my normal e-mail.
  2. Signed up for MyPoints. I can send you a referral e-mail if you want, but I’m not too worried about it.
  3. Fill out your MP profile — adding more detail earns you more points. I think you can earn up to 60 points total just for doing this.
  4. Fill out the little surveys on the MyPoints front page. These are worth 5 points each. I recommend if it asks you something along the lines of, “Would saving hundreds on your car insurance be nice?” you generally want to say “No”. Saying yes will send you to an advertisement.
  5. Every few days check the e-mail you signed up with. Click on all of the links within the MyPoints e-mails.
  6. Rinse and repeat.

I am currently up to 415 points. What will that get me? Not much. I put all of the sponsors, points amounts, and gift cards you can earn into a spreadsheet. I wanted to see where I could get the most bang for my point. Here’s what I found:

  • offers the best points per dollar ratio. 1,250 points will get you $25 at That’s a ratio of only 50 points per dollar.
  • Many of your big name retailers offer the worst points per dollar ratio. WalMart, Walgreens, Target, iTunes, KMart and several others are at 150 points per dollar. However, that is at the lowest points amount offered by those companies. Most of them give you a discount if you save up and use more points. For example, at KMart you can get:
    • $10 for 1,500 points (150 p/$)
    • $25 for 3,500 points (140 p/$)
    • $50 for 6,750 points (135 p/$)
  • The average points per dollar ratio is 132.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is the more points you acquire, and thus the longer you wait, the more value you can get for those points. We’ll give it a shot and I’ll probably end up getting a gift card to Old Navy or Cracker Barrel.

You can check out the Excel spreadsheet I used as well.


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Loren February 12, 2009 at 8:34 pm

Mypoints has closed my account for no reason after 4 years. I did not even get a notice. I guess because I had saved up enough points for a 50.00 gift card I planned to use for my son’s birthday coming up in March. I now have to pay for all that I ordered through them, they get paid and I get dumped for no reason. And there is NOTHING I can do about it! No address, No phone, NO THANKS. I won’t trust any of these scammers anymore! I will be posting what they did every chance I get to warn others.

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