Cutting Coupons

by Kevin on February 28, 2008

I’m not above cutting coupons to save some money. I haven’t discovered many consistently good coupon sites. One I have enjoyed is You have to install their special coupon printer software (no big deal), and off you go. I recently printed off 6 different coupons for things we use on a regular basis.

The only thing about all coupons is they are going to be for name brand items. Sometimes the retail price of the item minus the coupon is still more than an equivalent generic or house brand. If the house brand is just as good, why not use that?

Also, I know there are a ton of manufacturer’s coupons floating around out there. I haven’t found one site that works to print them all. usually has about 6-8 pages of coupons, each with probably 6-8 per page.

I did find the other day, but can’t get the site to work. I can view all of the coupons, but it says you have to login to checkout. Well, I’d love to login, but I can’t find how to register. I think I would have found it by now, but if you successfully use the site please let me know!

And if you know of any other large sites that don’t charge for sending you coupons, let me know.

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Matt Ranlett February 28, 2008 at 1:03 pm
RetailMeNot by the people who do BugMeNot

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