Personal Finance March Madness at FMF

by Kevin on March 2, 2008

Free Money Finance is hosting his very own March Madness Tournament. He’s accepted 64 posts, put them in brackets against each other, and is letting his readers vote on a champion. It’s a very interesting take and a great way to get a lot of bloggers together.

Of course I had to throw a post into the mix, and I bracketed into Game 11, Post #22. My post, Dollars Before Cents, is facing off against The Ugly Payday Loan by Life Lessons of a Military Wife.

I’m relying on your votes to take me all the way to the top! So head on over to FMF, have a read of all the posts, and get your vote on!

Update: This is what I love about the blog carnivals and things like this… it brings you new content, new blogs, new people to read. I found a few great articles in the different brackets:

  • How Do I Organize 181 Accounts by MyDollarPlan. All I have to say is… wow. My hat is off to you. Playing arbitrage with $200,000 is just past my risk level. Impressive, no doubt, but good grief! I would be afraid that when I tried to transfer the money at the end of the opening period that I wouldn’t be able to find a card that would take me.
  • Little Steps: 100 Great Tips for Saving Money by Trent at The Simple Dollar. I’ve glanced at this a few times in the past, but a great read nonetheless.
  • I also really enjoyed A Little Too Late Advice on Building Wealth at brip brap. Really enjoyed your writing style, brip brap.

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