Month in Review: February 2008

by Kevin on March 3, 2008

I can pretty much wrap up February with this: Thank you, Get Rich Slowly!

February was a great second month for No Debt Plan. A guest post over at Get Rich Slowly brought a huge influx of traffic in. That post, Dumb Money: The Movie Theater, generated a ton of comments (102!) over at GRS.

February vs. January:

  • Posts: 30 posts vs. 13 – a 123% increase. I’m actually pretty surprised I had averaged on post per day. I didn’t think I came even close to that.
  • Comments: 57 comments vs. 8 – a 612.5% increase. I wouldn’t mind if we averaged an increase like that every month!
  • Visits: 1,750 vs. 158 – a 1000% increase. Of course a big jump is expected when you get to guest post on a hugely popular website like GRS. Thanks again, JD!
  • RSS Subscribers: 9 vs. 28 – tripled the number of people reading the site via the RSS feed. If the subscriber number tripled each month for 7 months, I’d have 59,000+ readers. Okay, maybe that is just a bit of wishful thinking…

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I also posted the first true step in the No Debt Plan with Step One: A Budget.

In short, thanks for coming by. Your readership and comments make writing worth while. I hope you find something useful here. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with a reader question, comment, or suggestion.

And please tell your friends about the site!

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Matt March 3, 2008 at 7:46 am

Hi Kevin – great improvement. Keep it up and you might see those numbers continue to increase.

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