Cost per Gallon Chart from the Gas Log

by Kevin on March 7, 2008

A week ago yesterday I wrote about using an automobile gas log to track gas expenses. The log book helps track your expenses. The kicker is watching your miles per gallon. A sudden drop without a sudden change in driving habits means you may have a car problem.

Several people commented and e-mailed asking to see some of the graphs I hinted at in the post. Well, here’s the first one: the cost per gallon of gasoline since early 2002. Try not to become too depressed. (Click for larger image.)

cost per gallon chart

As you can see, the lowest point of data is $1.06 per gallon. Can you imagine paying that now? The highest I have ever paid came at two separate times — October 2005, and February 2008. With the way gas prices are headed, I imagine I will be breaking that record sometime in the next month or so.

There’s a thread over at the GetRichSlowly forums entitled “The $100/Barrel Gas Savings Thread.” You may want to check it out for ideas on how to cut back on your gas consumption, or to make your driving more efficient.

Unfortunately for me, I take clients out to lunch for my job. I get reimbursed, but nonetheless it adds wear and tear on the car. Usually the trips are short — 10 or 15 minutes, which doesn’t give me a lot of time to get decent miles per gallon. I’ll put the miles per gallon chart next week.


Steve March 8, 2008 at 7:26 am

I used to think the gas price back home in the states was unbearable, but then I moved to the UK, with the exchange rate I now pay about $9 a gallon. So to numb the pain I just keep thinking about it as monetary units.

Right now gas is about 1.05 per litre. But of course in the UK fuel economy is measured in MPG. Try figuring out your mileage that way. A real brain twister.

Hank Dunckel March 13, 2008 at 1:10 pm

Steve you are so right about sticker shock in the UK as many of my friends have told me about how they almost started walking.

We in the U.S.A. are facing $4 – $5 per Gallon at the pump this summer.

And to top it off, Our Congressman are working on adding a fuel tax of about .50 cents per gallon onto the price per gallon to help pay for New Bridges.

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