Weekend Round Up

by Kevin on March 9, 2008

Hope you’ve had a great weekend. There was snow on the ground here yesterday morning. It was in the upper 60s today. Alabama weather… got to love it! Now, for some personal finance links.

From the PFBloggers.com network:

  • Living Almost Large doesn’t trust mechanics.
    • My recommendation is to find an ASE certified mechanic that is also recommended by several friends. The dealership is usually the culprit in these stories.
  • Our Fourpence Worth talks about sewing your own clothes on the cheap. Very interesting. $2? Wish I could do it.
  • Pinching Copper explains Why We Rent.

Elsewhere on the web:

  • Over at Free Money Finance, I’ve made it into the second round of the tournament. However, I need your votes to move on! I’m up against a tough post by brip blap. I have a feeling brip blap is going to destroy me — the current score is 4-2. I really, really need those votes!

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