MPG Chart from the Gas Log

by Kevin on March 10, 2008

This chart was generated with data from my car’s gas log. I received comments asking to see some of the charts, so here’s the last one. Miles per gallon is a key indicator of something being wrong in your vehicle. A sudden drop in MPG without an associated change in driving habits is bad news.

MPG chart

I added the average line since the MPG bounces around a lot. You can definitely tell when I have been driving in-city versus on long highway trips (usually going home or to Atlanta to visit friends).

My highest MPG? 39.310.

My lowest? A measly 16.885 in my 1995 BMW.

I’m still rather pleased that I’m averaging 26 miles per gallon over the past few years. Again, if I noticed my MPG dropped down to 10 miles per gallon for a few weeks I would need to get the car checked.

I hope the charts help show you what spending a few minutes tracking the information can help you see. I could also total up how much I’ve spent on gas, but I’m afraid that would be far too depressing…

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