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by Kevin on March 19, 2008

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As I announced last week, I am going to start sharing green living ideas here. Not only will living green save the environment, in most cases it will save you money.

These are some excellent green living resources that I have had bookmarked for quite a while. I will continually add and update this list. And let me know — what are your personal favorites?

  • Tree Hugger’s Go Green series examines multiple topics, and how to go green in them. A few examples: How to green your kitchen, how to green your laundry, and how to green your water. A really solid group of article filled with links to quality products.
  • Inhabitat’s series on Green Building 101 is great as well.
  • Global Green is just an all around great green organization.
  • One way to save money on your gas or electric bill is through Hot Water Recirculation Systems. This is a good article explaining the concept and cost.
  • GreenHome offers an online store to buy green stuff… for your home. What a concept.
  • Dwell Magazine is also pretty good from what I can tell.
  • Build It Green is another non-profit.
  • The Department of Energy also puts on a Solar Decathlon. Architecture students build green “homes” to compete. Very, very cool.
  • Greywater Re-use Systems are an interesting idea. Every little bit of water saved helps.




  • EcoGeek (RSS) – publishes up to 10 articles a day about innovations that are going to save the planet.
  • Ecotality Life Blog (RSS) – Ecotality is a renewable energy company. This is the company blog that covers green technology.
  • Jetson Green (RSS) – One of my favorite green blogs. Discusses a lot of architecture and green home stuff.
  • TreeHugger (RSS) – the Google of the green blog world.

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Doug March 19, 2008 at 10:10 am

Great resource!

A site I created to keep track of all the latest news and pictures about the modern prefab movement is called


Nick July 18, 2008 at 10:02 pm

Hey, you may want to check us out, too! We design affordable green custom small homes. Our blog also has lots of resources for green products, green design, and tips for going green and saving money while you’re doing it.


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