$5 Worth of Bracket Fun

by Kevin on March 23, 2008

This may not be finance related, but what the heck.

My office likes to do an office pool for various college sports. Last fall we did a Yahoo Pick ‘Em game all football season for $20. It was a lot of fun and lasted all season so the cost for entertainment all year long was fairly low. So of course with this being March, we’re doing a March Madness pool for $5.

Let me say that if you are in debt, you shouldn’t be wasting any money on anything ‘extra’. $5 towards debt is better than $5 down the drain. Thankfully, we are debt free other than our house and have a lot of extra cash flow at the end of every month. I can afford to choose to put $5 into an office bet.

This has been a really great tournament so far with several close games. Tennessee plays tomorrow so we’ll be anxious to see the result. For the record, I’m just happy they are in the tournament.

And that $5? It came out of my personal spendable money so it doesn’t affect our finances or my wife’s personal money. If I win, I’ll end up with $60 or so. Not a bad return on investment!

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