Homeowner Mistake #1: Weed Killer on Clearance

by Kevin on April 4, 2008


This is our first spring in our new house. We are getting to learn — and spend — money on landscaping, grass upkeep, etc. I mowed my parents’ yard growing up, and spread fertilizer when they told me to. I never really got into all of the details of what fertilizer to put on, and when.

So we learned our first lesson as clover started to pop up in the yard. It was a small patch toward the street. Unfortunately, I procrastinated. Before I know it, there are ten huge patches in various parts of the yard. It really spread like wildfire!

I went to Lowe’s and bought some general weed and feed to spread on the whole yard. I also saw some Weed-B-Gone on my way out that was marked down extremely cheap. Being uneducated in the fertilizing world, I bought the bottle for $2 or $3. It took me a few extra days before I actually went outside and sprayed the clover patches. It says on the bottle that it should take a few days to really kick in.

Well, a few days went by and the clover looked mostly unchanged. It had changed colors only where the spray had hit. Nothing was dying.

Then it struck me: I bought weed killer on clearance. Never buy weed killer on clearance. It is last year’s batch and will be ineffective on your weeds. It took a lot longer before the weeds started to look a little pitiful, but they definitely weren’t dead. I had to go out there with a spade and pull up the patches myself.

I’ll mark this one up to getting an education in home ownership. For the other homeowners out there, what mistakes have you made along the way out in the yard?

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