Net Worth Update: March 2008

by Kevin on April 4, 2008

It’s that time again… let’s look at the old net worth numbers.

We had another good month in March. My income varies as I work on a base plus commission basis. February was a great month, March was a good month. On top of that, we changed my wife’s federal tax withholdings. We owed $500 last year, and she only worked half the year. We’re adjusting to make sure we don’t owe $1,000 or more. Because of that, her income “dropped” $80 or so.

Even with all of that, our net worth increased 4.46% over last month. I’ve been tracking our net worth since December of 2007. Overall, since that time, our net worth has increased 11.66%.

However, that number can be a bit deceiving. We save for a lot of purchases in advance. For example, we save our life and car insurance “payments” into savings every month and then pay semi-annually or annually. So eventually, net worth will drop a bit because the amount we have in savings will drop. Either way, we’re still making progress.

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Fiscal Musings April 4, 2008 at 11:41 pm

Congrats on the positive progress…

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