A Risky Question

by Kevin on April 14, 2008

man in black suitRiddle me this: imagine yourself enjoying a peaceful Saturday afternoon. You’re sitting on your back porch with your laptop, catching up on some articles at NoDebtPlan.net. As you contemplate how to invest your money — 401k or Roth 401k? — the doorbell chimes throughout the house. You meander to the door and find a stranger in a black suit waiting. It’s an older, wealthy looking gentleman holding two metal briefcases. He smiles.

“It’s your lucky day. In the briefcase in my left hand, I have $250,000. You can win that money, no questions asked, if you flip a coin and call heads or tails correctly before it lands.

However, in my right hand I hold another briefcase. You can take it without having to flip any coins. It holds $_________.

Which briefcase do you want?”

The real question I have for you today is, how much money does the second briefcase need to hold for you to take it over the first one? $1? $10,000? $249,999?

So, what’s your number? Leave a comment and we’ll revisit this post in a few days.

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