Green PreFab: weeHouse

by Kevin on April 24, 2008


The weeHouse by Alchemy Architects is by far one of my favorite prefab green homes on the market. The weeHouse can be built in several forms ranging from a 341 sq. ft. studio to a 1,230 sq. ft. two story “tower”. Everything is built within the factory and placed on a truck to be taken to your site. The truck arrives, offloads the house onto your foundation, and you hook up utilities. Bam, you’ve got a house.

Pretty impressive. The photo above doesn’t do the house or the website justice. Some very nice photos of actual installed homes (again, people are actually buying these) are shown.

Info from Fab Prefab:

  • Complete factory-built dwellings that arrive on trucks ready to live in.
  • Available as studios, one- and two-bedroom, kitchen/living, sleeping, and stair models.
  • Can be customized or combined to fit any need: House, Cabin, Office, Addition, Rooftops etc.
  • On-site work includes the foundation, utility hookups (sewer, water or electrical supply), and simple fitting of the modules.

Pricing for Your weeHouse

Costs vary from market to market and on size of your weeHouse. Some examples below.

  • Studio: $70k
  • Small: $80k

The website is unique, not very proper “architect” which I guess you might expect from a group called Alchemy Architects. The only hiccup I had was some of the links did not work in Firefox. An example is the very nice brochure. Clicking in my version of Firefox gave me nothing, clicking in IE gave me the brochure.

I’d love to drop one of these off out in the middle of some vast land if I could get a complete off-grid setup going. And buy off-grid I mean internet, cell phone access, solar/wind power, clean water source, etc. And for the price you really could do that.


Philip April 24, 2008 at 12:21 pm

Not what I want to live day to day in, but it could be a very nice alternative to having a trailer home on some hunting land.

Prefab Green Home December 12, 2008 at 11:49 am

I’m not quite sure if I could live in that small of a space (hopefully the home in the picture above is a studio and not a two bedroom home).

Prefab green homes are definitely the way to go, becuase they are cheaper to buy and are better for the environment than the more traditional homes we see today. I think the idea is great.


Kevin December 20, 2008 at 12:20 pm

@Timothy: I completely agree. It would be a definite stretch for me to live in a space that small. Then again, it is almost something I’d love to just try.

I’m convinced prefab is the way to go. However, “modern green” prefab homes are extraordinarily expensive. There seems to be quite the profit margin built in for the manufacturers — too much for us to even try buying from a designer.

I’d like to see stuff more like the $100k Home: to prove that green living can be affordable. That or you have to build the house yourself to save on all of the costs, and just use green ideology in your design.

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