Introducing Maggie the Puppy and Our Reasons for Getting Her

by Kevin on April 28, 2008

I didn’t get a chance to write anything up for Saturday or Sunday. I think that’s the first time in a while where I haven’t had a post ready to go. I don’t think I’ve ever gone two days in a row. My apologizes. Hopefully you can forgive me…

Our Puppy, Maggie

Holy cow we got a dog!

Yup, Saturday we set out to do the following things:

  • buy some car tools from Harbor Freight
  • visit the humane society
  • go to a local discount home decoration store
  • go to Lowe’s to buy garage storage and perhaps some patio furniture

Here’s what we ended up getting done on Saturday:

  • adopting Maggie from the Birmingham Humane Society

What can I say? She stole our hearts…

Why We Got Her

It’s been in the cards for quite some time that we would get a dog of some sort at the beginning of summer. My wife is a teacher and will have all summer to train the new addition to the family. I had a cat growing up, and her parents still have the family dog. We’ve been wanting to have a companion for quite some time, but managed to push it off until the summer of this year.

Dogs are Expensive

As Free Money Finance consistently tells his readers, having a pet is not only a serious emotional and time commitment — they’re expensive too. I completely agree. The cost of owning a dog on average is $1,200 or so per year.

We went into this with eyes open… an understanding of the cost and time required of us to take care of any dog we adopted. We have the money available, we have built up two months worth of an emergency fund, and “dog expenses” is an actual category in our budget. We felt not only emotionally ready, but financially ready too.

How It Happened

We got to the Humane Society around 11 Saturday morning. We looked at two dogs. The first was a one year old Shepard mix named Camey that was very, very timid. The adoption counselor said she hadn’t been abused, but was just very nervous and probably not good for a home with kids. She said she would warm up.

The second was this little furball named Lima Bean. She was also very shy and kind of skitish, but also very cute. Of course, this is a puppy. Not many puppies lack the cute factor. We spent some time with her, left to discuss the options, and ended up deciding on Lima Bean. We signed the paperwork and went home to puppy-proof the house as well as get the leash and collar we had already purchased (Tennessee Vols garb, no doubt) before coming back to get her. We walked out with her at 4pm, ready to face a new adventure.

To be frank, we thought the name Lima Bean sucked. So Lima Bean is now known as Maggie. Maggie is a Labrador Retriever mix… they thought mixed with Shepard. Only time will tell. She will get big, and we have a relatively small yard without a fence. We have made a commitment to exercising her twice daily, rain, snow, or shine. It is a monumental task, and we understand she won’t be a puppy forever. She is likely to get very large. It should be fun.

So! That’s the big news for us. Regularly scheduled programming comes back tomorrow. Too tired from

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