Comment Roundup for May 2, 2008

by Kevin on May 2, 2008

We had a lot of good discussions over the past few weeks that I wanted to highlight and respond to.

From Our Homeowners Association Was Worth Something This Week:

Wide Open Wallet: You would hate our association. We pay $1,200 a year. They maintain everyone’s front yard which is nice cause it cuts down on yard work but it stinks too cause you can’t make any changes at all to the landscaping in front of your house. We also have to have a parking sticker to park in our own driveway!! How dumb is that?! We are rebelling against that one. I would like to see them try to tow my car off my own property.

devil says: After being part of an HOA for ten years, I will NEVER do it again. It’s the only time American citizens are required, in their own country, to waive their constitutional rights. Even convicted criminals don’t have to do this.

$1,200 per year for a HOA is absolutely nuts, plus car stickers? No way. That really plays to devil’s point about people giving up their rights. Good grief.

From the discussion of how much money we’ve earned from AMEX:

Our Fourpence Worth: My sister and I have this card too (we share an account) and we use it everywhere AMEX is accepted. I even used it to purchase a single postage stamp once. Every little bit adds up.

We earned $316 last year. But I we’re earning a lot less this year (so far only $78 since July or August) because we’ve cut out almost all non-necessity spendings.

MyMoneyAdventure: I agree! I use my citi card to help pay off my student loan! So far, about 220 in 3 months!

That’s the way to do it … we do the same thing and use it on every purchase. We love that cash back!

From Marginal Propensity to Consume and Your Rebate Checks:

Jonathan and JB had the same question: Is it possible that America could actually have an mpc of OVER 1, after taking into consideration the massive levels of consumer debt (and as you say, the negative savings rate)?

You guys are absolutely correct. It can be greater than 1. It really shouldn’t be so, but unfortunately you can finance that level above 1.

Thanks to everyone for the comments recently. Let’s keep the discussions going!

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