Net Worth Update: April 2008

by Kevin on May 5, 2008

April wasn’t a bad month for us in terms of growing our net worth, but it wasn’t fantastic like previous months. We enjoyed almost a 1% gain (0.97%) in total net worth. This brings us to a 12.74% gain since we started tracking it in December 2007.

We had been enjoying 4 and 5% gains a few months ago. There were a few reasons we didn’t see that this month:

  • Decrease in assets.
    • Namely, we spent money. We bought a puppy and puppy related items. Gas prices increased. I bought my wife some birthday presents. All stuff we had saved up for, but it does bring net worth down when money flows out.
  • We adjusted our budget.
    • We added disability insurance for my wife through her professional organization ($40/month). We increased our grocery budget by $20 for the month. We also increased our gas budget by $25 per month. These whittle away at our free cash flow at the end of the month. That extra $85 could go to savings and increasing out net worth.

All in all, net a terrible month. 1% positive is still positive, and we’ll take it.

What about you? What happened to your net worth last month?


MyMoneyAdventure May 5, 2008 at 9:42 am

My increased 5% over last month, but overall just up 3.39% since December 1 2007 (when we started keeping track). Weddings will kill you.

Kevin May 5, 2008 at 2:45 pm

@MyMoney: Weddings are expensive, indeed. That’s a healthy increase last month though — congrats!

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