Don’t Be Superfrugal on Your Spouse’s Birthday

by Kevin on May 15, 2008

Sierra\'s Birthday Cake

(Photo by kk+, and no she didn’t turn 6!)

Yesterday was my wife’s birthday. Hooray Birthdays!

We had a talk about a week before her birthday about our budget and being frugal. She reminded me that she is an absolute birthday fanatic. Seems normal, right? So why mention this? Well… I’m not rah-rah excited about birthdays. They just aren’t my thing when it’s my turn. So to make sure that I understood, she wanted to remind me that not only is she super excited when her birthday comes around, but to definitely celebrate it.

We’ve discussed being superfrugal in the past. I told you to take your spouse on a date. Don’t forget how to do that. She wanted to remind me that even though we are on a budget and whatnot, I do have spendable money and she would appreciate a celebration of some sort.

Now let me be clear this wasn’t an ultimatium of “give me the biggest birthday bash ever!” It was just a gentle reminder of … hey, you don’t celebrate birthdays all out, and I would appreciate it if we did something.

Thus last night we celebrated with a trip to our favorite bar-b-que restaurant, and a double doozie cookie cake. Oh yes. It was fantastic.

On top of that we’re going to celebrate this Saturday as well. Having a birthday in the middle of the week is not as managable as it was back when we didn’t have jobs, a dog, and I wasn’t in my MBA program!

So just another reminder to all of you: don’t let superfrugality hurt your relationship. Manage your finances effectively. Budget appropriately. But don’t not spend any money on anything. (Unless you are spending more than you earn… then you’ve got to cut everywhere).


JB May 15, 2008 at 8:17 am

Sometimes we get obsessed with saving money – and sometimes we should just relax and enjoy life a little bit. I agree with you on this post!

Sara May 21, 2008 at 8:59 pm

Thanks for the reminder! The better half’s birthday is this weekend. We’re compromising and going to a concert together, something we’ve wanted to do for a very long time but never shelled out for. He gets an awesome birthday, and we both get something out of it instead of generic birthday stuff. (Which is good, because I had no idea what to buy him anyway…)

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