A New Saturday Routine

by Kevin on May 17, 2008

Our Saturday morning routing certainly has changed ever since we got a puppy. I haven’t decided whether or not it is a good thing quite yet.

In the past, it was sleep in until 8am or 9am. Glorious. Catching up on sleep last during the week. The only problem with that is half of the morning is gone. By the time you have breakfast and take a shower, it’s probably 10:30 and Saturday seems to be evaporating.

Contrast that to today. My wife gets up with the puppy at 6am and is done with taking her out and feeding her by 6:15. We’ve been refinishing our dresser (more on that in future posts — we’ve been doing it since March), so she went to the garage to start sanding for the final layer of clear coat. Only problem is we have too coarse sandpaper, so we’ve got to go buy some 220 grit later today.

I get up at 7am — unheard of — and we take Maggie for a long walk. By this point we’re up, and I’m finally awake. We’re buying patio furniture today (hooray!), so we need to clean off the patio. Moving trash out, sweeping, and heck while we’re outside I might as well fertilize the backyard. And pull up weeds.

So I here I sit, 10am on a Saturday morning. Wide awake. Showered. Breakfast (in bed) enjoyed. Backyard fertilized. Weeds pulled. Patio cleaned. Unbelievable. I feel so productive.

And now we’re off to buy that patio furniture. Enjoy your Saturday!


Mom @ Wide Open Wallet May 17, 2008 at 2:11 pm

I feel the same way about having kids. Before kids I had a strict rule not to wake up before 10:00. But now, it’s a treat to sleep til 8.

Philip May 19, 2008 at 8:22 am

Maybe getting up too early is hard on you, suddenly you might need to do a second proof reading!

I don’t yet have any pets, but going from being in college and getting up at about 9 on a regular basis to having to be up by at least 6 every day is quite a shock. Still can’t believe that I am doing it.

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