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by Kevin on June 5, 2008

Please consider participating in my first blog reader survey. Participate and you could win $10. I plan to do a survey every 3 to 6 months to guide me towards focusing this blog towards what you want to read. To increase the quality of the blog.

An outline of the goals of this survey:

  • Learn more about who my readers are
  • Learn how you found the blog, why you stay, if you will stay
  • Learn what topics you like, what topics you hate, what topics you want to see more and less of
  • Discover anything else that you like/don’t like or want to see more/less of

The ‘Rules’

Let’s be clear: I want your honest, courteous, and constructive feedback. There are a few comment boxes in the survey, so this is where I want you to leave your feedback.

If you take the survey, you can be entered in a drawing to win $10. You have the option of including your e-mail address. I won’t use it for any other purpose than to enter you into my drawing for $10. Every e-mail address will be assigned a number, and then I’ll run a test on random.org. If your number is the one to appear, you win the $10.

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

I will send you the $10 via Revolution Money Exchange. If you don’t have an account, sign up. RME is essentially PayPal without fees for online transfers. To be open, in the past RME has given a $25 bonus to anyone signing up, and $10 to anyone who refers a new user. As far as I know that promotion ended on May 15, 2008. I don’t want anyone to think that I’m “giving away $10” by getting 100 people to sign up for the service. I’ve used RME a few times for transactions and it works as advertised — no fees like with PayPal. When I see a business I like that provides value to me, I am going to promote it.

So! Potential to win $10 if you participate in the survey, but you’ve got to have an RME account to win the money. If you’re not interested in yet another online account, that’s cool, please consider participating in the survey regardless.

My free account at SurveyMonkey let’s me only accept 100 survey results, so don’t delay! Click Here to take the survey.


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