A Testament to Tim Russert’s Character

by Kevin on June 15, 2008

As you may know, Tim Russert passed away Friday of a heart attack at the young age of 58. You can read a wrap up of his life at the Washington Post.

What really stood out to me amongst all of the news coverage is how loved this guy was. It has been said by several folks that he was fair, honest, tenacious, a methodical researcher (no one could out research him), and loved what he was doing in life.

I think we can all take a lot away from that. What better way to live than to have your hard nosed rivals mourning your loss and saying with sincerity that you were fair and honest to them. Yes, some of them feared coming on his show, but they all respected and admired him.

He truly loved what he was doing.

Do you? Life is too short to live and work in a way that drains the energy from you. Go do what you love.

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