Analyzing the Results of My First Ever Reader Survey

by Kevin on June 21, 2008

I’ve officially ended my first reader survey. I’m looking at the results today. We’ll announce who won the $10 via Revolution Money Exchange tomorrow.

For starters, thanks to all 42 people who participated in the survey. I was looking for 100 responses (1/2 of my RSS subscribers), but for the first time I’m good with it.

Some interesting findings from my first survey:

  • 61.9% of my readers are between the ages of 18 and 35, with a slightly larger percentage on the 18-25 side of things
  • A large majority of you — 56% — found this blog from another personal finance blog.
  • Only 18.9% of you read No Debt Plan for the great writing. Good thing that was a joke response…!
  • Everyone wants to see more articles about getting out of debt as well as a continuation of the Dumb Money and No Debt Plan series.
  • A very small percentage of you visit daily. This is something I really need help on. Figuring out why you wait a few days or a week to come back.
  • On the flip side, a large portion of you read the RSS daily.

So I definitely have some things to work on. I would like to start receiving readers from other sources — search engines and non-personal finance sites — to round out the type of visitor. Any ideas for this?

I’m definitely going to start writing more of the series posts that everyone seemed to enjoy.

I also need a lot of help figuring out why you visit the site a lot less than you read via RSS. Why do you not feel compelled to comment?

Your constructive, honest feedback has been amazing. I hope it will make me a better blogger — for your benefit!


Traci June 22, 2008 at 1:31 pm

Why don’t I comment? I do comment, just not to you. I talk about some of your entries with co-workers and family. I didn’t really consider that you truly wanted my opinion of your opinions. It also takes additional time. Since I scan over 200 blog entries per sitting, I rarely stop to comment to the author. Apparently, this has been a rude habit on my part.

Why I don’t visit? What is the advantage of visiting your website? I got the information I was looking for from the rss feed. Until you asked, I never had the urge to visit your website. (Sorry.)

It’s nothing personal. Out of the 44 blogs that have survived my vicious purging process, I visited the website of maybe 5…ever. I usually visit a site that has some instructional video attached to the entry (i.e. dance move, workout, how to change a flat, etc)

Thanks for a great blog that I read faithfully (even if you never hear from me again 🙂 )

Caleb July 1, 2008 at 5:02 am

Kevin – Caleb here. Hope all is well brother. How about some advice on investing for the future? I keep about a month’s salary in a checking account. I keep about three months salary in a savings account. I use automatic withdraws to max out a Roth IRA, put a couple hundred dollars a month away in stocks, 11% of my base pay in a TSP (Thrift Savings Plan – sort of like an 401K, but not matched by military), charity – MAF(Mission Aviation Fellowship), and bills. I don’t own any property or anything of great value. I don’t plan on settling down in one place or getting married any time soon. I have one credit card with no balance on it. I do have about $4,800 left on a loan for my Jeep Cherokee. After paying my monthly expenses, i’ve just been putting the extra money in checking or savings. Should i just continue to do this? If so, up to what point? Should i pay off the Jeep early & would that affect my credit score? Other ideas on investment options for say another $250 to $1500 additional dollars a month? Take care of my sister. Respectfully, Caleb.

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