Questions for Readers

by Kevin on July 9, 2008

I had a long day yesterday and didn’t have time to write a quality article for you all this morning.

Instead, I have a few questions as I work on my writing pipeline.


  • How many of you enjoy multiple sporting events per year where the ticket prices are greater than $25 each?
  • What sports?
  • How many times per year?
  • On average, how much do you estimate you spend going to these sporting events (of your own money, not through your company or anything like that)?

Blogging and Contests:

  • How many of you are bloggers?
  • How many of you are personal finance bloggers? I’m guessing a majority, so maybe I should ask how many of you are non-personal finance bloggers. This is related to contests I will run in the future, so helping me out now might help you out in the future.

New Theme:

  • What do you think of the new theme on No Debt Plan? If you’re an RSS reader, stop by and give it a look.

Please leave comments with your answers.

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