Questions for Readers

by Kevin on July 9, 2008

I had a long day yesterday and didn’t have time to write a quality article for you all this morning.

Instead, I have a few questions as I work on my writing pipeline.


  • How many of you enjoy multiple sporting events per year where the ticket prices are greater than $25 each?
  • What sports?
  • How many times per year?
  • On average, how much do you estimate you spend going to these sporting events (of your own money, not through your company or anything like that)?

Blogging and Contests:

  • How many of you are bloggers?
  • How many of you are personal finance bloggers? I’m guessing a majority, so maybe I should ask how many of you are non-personal finance bloggers. This is related to contests I will run in the future, so helping me out now might help you out in the future.

New Theme:

  • What do you think of the new theme on No Debt Plan? If you’re an RSS reader, stop by and give it a look.

Please leave comments with your answers.


Carissa July 9, 2008 at 9:52 am

My answers:

Sports: I don’t attend sporting events. Instead, we buy memberships to two family oriented places to attend during the year (like a museum or the zoo).

Blogs: I’m a blogger (I have two, one for writing and one for photos and daily life). I am not a finance blogger, however. I’m still trying to get my financial feet under me.

Theme: I like it! Very snazzy

Susan July 9, 2008 at 11:26 am

We don’t attend sporting events over $25, though that will change soon I’m sure (we have 3 sons). And I’m not a blogger of any sort. I’m a middle aged sah ‘soccer mom’ 🙂

The new theme looks fine (I don’t remember the old one). It looks professional but a bit dull in color. The organization is great, easy to navigate, clear and to the point.

DJ July 9, 2008 at 11:45 am

I always read No Debt Plan in my rss reader, so I came over to check it out. I like the lay out and clean feel of your blog.

As to the questions, I am a blogger (The Eighth Art), but not a personal finance blogger. Thanks for all the great tips and advice. Your blog usually comes up when discussing finance with friends.

Meg from FruWiki & All About Appearances July 9, 2008 at 12:32 pm

Not a sports person. I’m a band nerd, but I usually end up in concerts and not paying for them (and anyhow, there’s enough free ones if I wanted to go see others perform).

I am a blogger, though. I have several blogs and other sites, but I don’t consider myself a personal finance blogger so much as a frugality writer. At All About Appearance, I do touch on money and frugality topics some, sometimes more than others. Most of my frugal tips end up on, but I’ve never intended for FruWiki to be a place for common personal finance topics like credit, investing, retirement, etc. I leave that to Mrs. Micah’s wiki, The Finwikian.

And since you asked….

I like the theme. It’s very clean. I like the use of non-color. And the search area is neat looking while still being useful.

Now, because I’m a perfectionist and again, you asked…

The links on the right look a bit crowded. It may be the bolding, or there may need to be more room under the headings, or it may be that the lines between the links could be lighter. Also, the select category menu isn’t centered vertically and it looks like it should be, and then moved over so that the left edge lines up with the links in boxes below. (And fyi, I don’t even care for my own theme but I’d never write if I tried to get the theme perfect.)

Oh, and in case it matters, I’m using Firefox 3 on Ubuntu Hardy Heron.

Rich July 9, 2008 at 2:18 pm

We attend one sporting event per year. It is always a Red Sox game and we usually spend about $75 per ticket. The cost for the total trip including dinner, drinks, hotel room is usually about $400, that we save up for the whole year.

I am not a blogger, however, I spend a lot of time reading PF blogs, and would like to start a blog one of these days.

I am an RSS reader, however did look at your site and think it’s very clean looking.

JLiz July 9, 2008 at 2:32 pm

I don’t go to sports things, but I do like the occasional concert or other live performance (Stomp, local theater, etc.). I’m willing to pay pretty much the ticket price if it’s something I want to see bad enough, but a couple of pricey shows in a year means being more selective about future ones. I’d imagine the same thing would be true if I went to games.

Not a blogger, but thinking about starting one, not in the PF realm.

As for the new look, I like it for the most part, but the diagonal lines in the alternating comment boxes make those comments impossible to read. A large patch of them (like Meg from Fruwiki’s comments — no offense, Meg!) mess up my eyes’ ability to focus on the text and actually literally gave me a headache!

Meg from FruWiki & All About Appearances July 9, 2008 at 2:49 pm

No offense taken, JLIZ! I agree, now that I see them.

Kym July 9, 2008 at 6:18 pm

sports: none, ever. concerts, yes, and i spend about $40-60 per ticket on average, and go to about 10 per year, also on average. i spend around $20 on gas (no one ever plays in my city) and $20 on merch per show (yes, this is an expensive hobby).

blog: fitness blog currently, thinking about starting a finance blog (but you other finance bloggers already have so darn much good content, i’m not sure what i would write about!)

layout: i think it looks great except for the diagonal striped comment boxes. it hurts my eyes to try to read the content of those. and i don’t use an RSS reader so i always see your layout!

PT July 9, 2008 at 10:36 pm

Sports: Yes, but probably just a handful. One or two of all the major sports: NFL, NBA, MLB, and MLS. The rest I watch on my new LCD from the comfort of my couch…in my book, the best seat. It’s good to get out and “feel” the games every once in a while though. Just too hot in TX most of the time. I wish I had more SEC college fb games I could attend. Now those are usually worth the ticket price.

Bloggers: Yes, you know!

Theme: Love it. Very clean.

Scott July 10, 2008 at 5:58 pm

My wife is a huge San Francisco Giants fan and would love to have season tickets. This mother’s day we attended a game and spent way to much money. Tickets were $45 each and we have two kids as well. Parking was $30, and food was about $40.

I am a PF blogger.

I subscribe via RSS and didn’t know you had a new layout. I enjoy the scrolling pictures at the top.

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