Finance Fiesta: No Debt Plan Edition

by Kevin on July 10, 2008


(Photo by soylentgreen23)

Welcome to the 6th (or Seis!) Edition of the Finance Fiesta. The Finance Fiesta aims to bring you high quality personal finance articles every week. This week I will be your host, but don’t take a siesta — next week Living Almost Large will be hosting.

I’m Kevin, and I write No Debt Plan to help people get and stay out of debt. You can learn more about me, or read some of my most popular posts.

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…you would make me say “Muchos Gracias, Amigo/Amiga!”

Alrighty, for this Finance Fiesta I am changing it up a bit. There were a lot of submissions that didn’t really fit into a predetermined category. I’ll give you my editor’s picks, and then just list out all of the articles.

Editor’s Picks for No Debt Plan’s Finance Fiesta

Honorable Mentions for No Debt Plan’s Finance Fiesta

Now for the rest of these high quality personal finance articles…

That wraps it up. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed it. Get your submissions in for next week!

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