A Chance to Win $50 by Subscribing to No Debt Plan

by Kevin on August 2, 2008

It’s time for my second ever contest here on No Debt Plan. I recently hit 300 subscrbers and want to take that number higher.Taking some feedback I got when I asked what you wanted to win, I’m giving away an Amazon gift card.

The Objective

If I’m running a contest, I guess it makes sense to explain why I’m doing it. As I said I recently hit 300 subscribers — an all time high. My goal is to get that number as high as possible. I’d love to be at 1,000 subscribers, but think that 500 is a more realistic goal. So help me get there and possibly win some money, too.

The Prizes

  • A $25 Amazon gift card: The first will definitely be given away regardless of the number of people who participate or what my subscriber number goes to.
  • A second $25 Amazon gift card: The second prize is more of an incentive prize. If the subscriber number at the end of the contest is greater than 500, I’ll give this one away. You can track that number in the top right of the page with this:

How to Win

Subscribe to No Debt Plan via RSS (What is RSS?) Starting today there will be a secret message at the bottom of posts in the RSS reader. To see that message, you’ll have to be subscribed. From there, just send me an e-mail with the subject line “RSS Contest” with the secret phrase in it. For you e-mail subscribers, I’m not sure if the secret phrase will show up… so let me know.

The Length

The contest will run one month (through August 31).

The Rules

  1. Contest is only open to US Residents
  2. Only one entry per person

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