Net Worth Update: July 2008

by Kevin on August 6, 2008

July was another great month for us in net worth growth. Our net worth grew 3.08% based on my calculations. That puts us to 27.67% net worth growth since December of last year.

What Made Our Net Worth Grow in July?

I’m attributing the growth to two reasons.

  1. We got our American Express Cash Back applied to our statement. That was $470 extra we wouldn’t normally have.
  2. I get paid weekly, and last month was a five paycheck month. That was a big boost — every extra check helps. I plan to write about those extra paycheck months sometime in the future.

Our investments remained relatively flat while the markets were in turmoil.

Again, I’ve yet to be convinced that responsible credit card use is evil. That $470 was a nice chunk of the growth this month. I’ll take every last penny!

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