“Weekend” Roundup for August 20, 2008

by Kevin on August 20, 2008

So I’m a few days behind on my weekend roundup. It’s Wednesday. Instead of waiting until next Monday, let’s get to some great links today.


  • Our Fourpence Worth hosted the Festival of Frugality, kindly including one of my posts. She also hosted the Carnival of Money Hacks and I was included there, too.
  • Living Almost Large hosted the Carnival of Money Stories, also kindly including one of my posts. LAL, as we like to call her, recently updated her site’s theme. Why don’t you head on over there and give your honest feedback?


  • Everyday Finance hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance, also kindly including one of my posts.
  • The Simple Dollar talks about buying and using a whole chicken. Doesn’t sound that exciting, but really gets into some frugality ideas.
  • The writer for Money Magazine’s column “The Sivy 70” is leaving to take a job back in academia. He wrote his last column and titled it What Every Investor Should Know.
  • The Wall Street Journal thinks college is a waste of time for most people. I don’t exactly agree, but the author makes some interesting points.
  • Seeking Alpha has a very interesting article about an expected crash in consumer spending come 2009. (Gasp — and they back it up with data!)

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