Weekend Roundup for August 25, 2008

by Kevin on August 25, 2008

Will it ever stop raining? We’re getting what’s left of Fay and it has rained three days straight — all day. Hopefully it is good for the grass and our plants. Now for some interesting articles from the past week…


  • Get Rich or Die Trying reminds us that the best thing we can do to improve our finances is to be good at our jobs. I agree, but I can see how someone who needs money right now is inclined to take as many shortcuts as possible rather than put effort into career progression.
  • Master Your Card has an excellent post on financial preparedness. Seems to go well with my Home Documentation series.
  • Our Fourpence Worth thinks we can save money by not saving money on certain items. What are your thoughts?
  • Living Almost Large hosted the 12th Finance Fiesta.


  • Matt of Stead Fast Finances is a new blogger on the scene. He is a regular contributor to discussions in the comment section here at No Debt Plan. He’s telling us about the Top 10 Financial Moves he has made.
  • Marketwatch has two articles I found interesting this week. The first goes back to our discussion on assuming the mortgage of someone else. In the second article, Paul Farrell rips America a new one. He chastises America for losing our moral compass and letting a war economy develop. I try to stay away from politics on my blog, but I have to agree with Paul on his take of things. And it makes me sad as an American — especially the part about lobbyists.
  • The New York Times has 12 photographs with descriptions of a animal rescue/investigation group called Rescue Ink. It’s a group of big, burly, tattoo covered bikers that investigate cases other organizations don’t have time to do. You know you want to see big burly men holding cute kittens. Come on. Look.
  • The Daily Mail in the UK is reporting that 8 million credit card numbers were stolen from the Best Western hotel chain. Credit cards are evil right? What if it was your debit card number stolen? My credit card company stands by me if there are any illegal charges on my account. Your bank probably would, too. The only difference is I get to keep my money in the mean time.
  • Broke Grad Student hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance.

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Kym August 25, 2008 at 4:41 pm

The first link is to Get Rich Or Die Trying, rather than Get Rich Slowly.

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