Month in Review: August 2008

by Kevin on September 8, 2008


More of the same around here. I think I’ve finally nailed down how many quality posts I can post each month (a little more than one per day) and unique visitors have settled down. RSS subscribers continue to climb (thank you!) and comments were up the past month. I really think we are creating a solid community around here — it’s all you guys and gals stopping by and commenting. Please keep it up!

The Monthly Stats (vs. 1 months ago):

  • Posts: 36 vs. 37 (3% decrease)
  • Comments/Pingbacks: 275 vs 171 (61% increase)
  • Visits: 5,534 vs. 5,115 (8% increase)
  • Page Views: 9,623 vs. 8,710 (10% increase)
  • RSS Subscribers: 343 vs. 273 (25% increase)

Everything up, up, up this month. Very happy. Thanks to all the people who commented! Some of those comments are from me, but I’m counting everything.

Popular in August:

These posts and content were popular this past month from traffic statistics and comments:

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What’s Coming in September:

  • Step six of the No Debt Plan series will be here. I thought I’d crank this out in August, but I didn’t. We’re up through the first five steps thus far. You should be out of debt. We’re working on building wealth now.
  • Last month I was going to discuss how my wife and I bought our first home. I never got around to it, but hope to get to it this month.
  • A few more Dumb Money articles.


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