Two More Strikes on the Home Search List

by Kevin on October 6, 2008

This week I am writing about the process of us buying our first home. We bought our home one year ago in September of 2007. Saturday I told you about the second home we looked at seriously even though it was full of problems. Today, I’ll tell you about the two other homes we looked at with our realtor.

As I mentioned last time, your emotions can really get in the way of making a sound decision when you are looking for a house. Today’s post will help to reinforce that idea.

Poorly Maintained

The first house that our realtor brought to us (rather than us saying, “Hey, we want to go see this one…”) looked nice enough and fit into the price range. It was in a good, central location. It had a steep driveway (what is the deal with these driveways?), but everything seemed well maintained on the outside. There was no backyard. Period. The treeline came right up to the house, which was a concern if a bad storm rolled through. There was a screen in porch off of the living room as well.

The inside was something else, good grief. The carpeting on the stairs wasn’t properly stapled down. The kitchen floor — laminate — was filthy. Literally, filthy. As in… would need to be replaced out right before we moved in.

Needless to say there were other maintenance issues, and we decided to pass.

Home for Sale, Ballpark Free

A second home we looked at would be what we would call… a fixer upper. It wasn’t actually in terrible shape, but man it was ugly. It was in the same area as the home I discussed last time, so it was built some time in the 1970s. It was yellow and brown. Not pale yellow, like mustard yellow with dark brown. That would have to go.

The inside was actually very nice. Hardwood floors throughout, and a split-level plan. The kitchen was very rustic and looked like it was straight from Tuscani. We definitely liked it. We ran into the ancient bathroom problem again — in all seriousness the master bath shower looked like my old college dorm showers before they redid them. They were probably built at the same time.

It had a nice, fenced in backyard.

Sounds good, right? Price is right, location was decent, a couple of paint issues but overall we like the house.

That is, until you step out into that nice, big backyard. The yard backed up to a city baseball park. Literally, if someone hit a homerun and it got through the trees, it could end up in the backyard. That’s not that big of a deal except it was loud. Very loud. The Saturday we visited there were games going on and the cheering was loud.

Disappointment set in again. Another one bites the dust.

Should we look at those new home developments in town? They seemed awfully expensive the last time we looked. Stick around (subscribe via RSS) to find out what we ended up doing.

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