Perfect Timing for a Weekend Drive

by Kevin on October 18, 2008

(Photo by postpurchase)

My wife and I have been planning to take a drive on a Saturday for several weeks now. It seems we’ve hit perfect timing. The weather is beautiful and it is actually starting to feel like fall outside. The high for the day is 72 degrees.

We plan to take our dog out with us to a state park, have a picnic lunch, and hopefully run a small percentage of the dog’s energy off.

Economic conditions help

There is a very, very small bright side to the downward slide of the economy: gas prices. Oil traded at $143 per barrel several months ago. Now it is trading at $70. The price of gas has come down from $4/gallon locally to $2.98.

It’s sad to think that $3.00 for a gallon of gas sounds cheap — but I’ll take it. Especially when we plan to drive 3-4 hours total today. Should be fun with a lot of fall scenary.

Enjoy life

I’ve said this before on this blog — you’ve got to enjoy life. There are limitations like spending less than you earn and trying to stretch your dollars. But even if gas had been $4/gallon, we most likely would have gone on this little weekend drive.

You can’t forget that money is just something that is used to enhance your life. It shouldn’t control it. Spend on things that will bring the most vlaue to you (in my eyes, experiences rather than things) and enjoy it.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some more financial advice — a explanation of how important mutual fund expense ratios are to your long term portfolio growth. Hope to see you back then!

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Trish October 19, 2008 at 9:25 am

Wow. Just, wow. That photo just summed up what everything about Fall means to me. Gorgeous photo.

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