Our First Home Purchase Decision

by Kevin on October 30, 2008

I’ve been telling you the story of how we purchased our first home in September of 2007. Last time I told you we had decided to look at new construction homes. We found we liked and needed to make a quick decision. Today I’ll walk you through our decision making process.

We had decided on a floorplan we liked. There were about seven to choose from, but two of those were of the two bedroom variety and we definitely not interested in that. That left five plans to pick. We picked one near the top of the range that had a lot of square footage and a separate dining room. The other homes had living room/dining room combinations and we wanted a separate dining room to entertain in.

As I mentioned last time, there were only two lots available that the floorplan we wanted could be built on. The first lot was already under construction — the framing of the house was done and the beginnings of a roof were in place.

The second lot was currently occupied by the builder superintendent’s work trailer. It would be the absolute last home to be built.

Decision time

We took several photos of the home and sent them off to our parents. Again as I have mentioned before, our parents were the ultimate resource for us. They had purchased homes before and my father-in-law was in the construction business for a while. He could see flaws in homes that we thought were great.

We got lots of thumbs up. The builder had a great reputation and hey, you can’t really beat buying a new house.

Although we did feel kind of rushed because everything moved so fast, we really wanted that lot. It was much better than the other lot (ours is on the side of a hill so you have a little bit of space between the houses, the other one was at the entrance to the neighborhood and next to a cross street).

We called our agent and let him know we were signing the contract without him. I told him since he had been such a help to us we would still put him down as our buyer’s agent. We were pre-approved with the preferred lender of the neighborhood, signed the contract, and handed over our earnest money (essentially a non-refundable deposit).

One purchase decision leads to several more home decisions

With the house “secured” for us we now needed to hurry up to make some important decisions. These included kitchen choices, light fixture choices, brick color (dark red or really lightish/tan), carpeting, tiles, countertops… the list went on forever.

But we had it secured. This was in the middle of the summer and the house wouldn’t be complete until September or October. We needed to work out apartment issues (getting out of our lease), let our friends know, and as I said… make those important decisions.

Buying a house was a lot of work. Next time I’ll share about some of the decisions we made as well as the move in process.

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Heather Paige November 1, 2008 at 5:39 pm

We bought our first home, a new construction in home in April 2008. We looked at them before having an agent. We then got an agent who showed us many homes. We went with the new home we looked at on our own and added our agent on it. We didn’t realize that if you look without the agent first they wouldn’t allow you to add him. They really wanted the sale and ended up putting him on but it was a hassle.

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