Net Worth Update: September and October 2008

by Kevin on November 10, 2008

Every month I post an update about our net worth situation. As I prepared to write a post for our October update, I noticed I had skipped September. So we’ll just put them together for one big update.

September was a good month in terms of net worth growth, but due to the financial crisis wiping out a chunk of our invested assets we were only able to just eek out a gain for October. Hey, I’ll take any positive we can get.

The numbers ended up looking like this:

  • September: +3.23% (+35.76% since inception)
  • October: +0.91% (+37% since inception)

Financial crisis aside, we had two really great months. We pulled in a bunch of money for October and consequently were able to set aside a large amount of that income for our savings goals. If the financial crisis hadn’t hit our investments I’m guessing we would be up a good 2-4%.

Nonetheless, we keep adding to our string of good months. I’ll take it — it’s helping us reach our goals faster.

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