Weekend Roundup for November 18, 2008

by Kevin on November 18, 2008

I’m still getting over a bit of a cold. Can’t seem to kick it. I think I’ve turned the corner, though. Some interesting links I came across this weekend and on Monday.

The Financial Blogger is giving away $200 in honor of his 2nd blogging anniversary.

MoneyNing hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance and included one of my posts.

Simple Forties hosted the Carnival of Debt Reduction and included one of my posts as well.

brip blap talks about ROWE (Results Oriented Work Environment). It’s an interesting idea, but I think most people will avoid it. I would happily embrace it because I think it would help me move more towards what I really want to do with my time.

Prime Time Money ponders why people aren’t saving enough money. I think it’s because they don’t know where their money goes during the month, and they don’t have a long term plan.

Master Your Card gives us 101 Ways to Go Green and Save Money. Specific ideas that rang true with me:

  • #6 – get direct deposit to save money on paper and trips to the bank. Working in the staffing industry, it baffles me how many people refuse to get direct deposit.
  • #20 – combine errand trips to save money. We do this a lot.
  • #21 – lower the thermostat in winter/raise it in summer. We did this and went without air conditioning during the month of May. It got pretty warm, but we saved money.
  • #45 – use filtered water rather than bottled water. Plastic (throw away) bottles are terrible for the environment and you are paying a premium for tap water. If you have to have filtered water, use a Pur filter on your tap, or a Brita pitcher.
  • One I didn’t like: #27 – close air vents in unused rooms — I’ve actually read that this doesn’t work and can cause the system to work harder. Not sure about the science behind either argument.

Another green office idea? Print double sided rather than single sided. You’re going to throw out most things you print, so you might as well print on both sides for a large document.

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