Need Advice: Best Way to Backup Files for New Windows Install

by Kevin on December 3, 2008

Today instead of coming to you with advise and commentary I’d like to reverse course and do the opposite. I recently spent some of my spendable money (I can do whatever I want with it) on some new software and hardware for our desktop computer.

Here’s what I bought:

  • Windows Vista Home Premium
  • 2 x 2GB of RAM
  • Left 4 Dead

I’m currently running Windows 2000 Professional. I never upgraded to XP because, well, 2000 Professional just worked. The only problem I have with it now is games are coming out that are only for XP/Vista. Previously games were still being published for 2000/XP/Vista. So it was time to upgrade.

The extra RAM will help Vista run smoothly and will bring my total RAM up to 6GB. Rock on.

I’ve got photos galore, games (primarily Valve/Steam games for those familiar), and your random personal documents all on the hard drive. The version of Vista I purchased from NewEgg is the OEM Systems Builder edition, meaning it isn’t an upgrade. Thus I am thinking I am wiping the drives clean when I install Vista.

I don’t want to lose all of this information. I have a Western Digital external hard drive and have used a backup utility in the past. But I want to make sure I get everything! And it would be great if I could find a way to not have to re-install all of the games, but I’m guessing that isn’t a possibility.

So for all of you technical folks out there your help is greatly appreciated. If you’re not technical if you could pass this on via social websites (StumbleUpon, Twitter, etc.) that would be great, too!

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