Twitter Users’ Frugal Christmas Gift Tips

by Kevin on December 14, 2008

Over the past few days I’ve been asking people who are following me on Twitter to send me frugal gift ideas they are planning to give this year. The price limit I mentioned was $25. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

@mylittlenorway – a set of juggling balls, a personalized number plate for a pram and an egg shaker (percussion instrument)! -I’m so cheap…lol.

@Andys2i – I am actually gifting a blog to my cousin (cost = $10 for domain). I am setting up his new music based blogger blog as a Gift.

@paidtwice – I made a gift basket of tons of toiletry and other types of items like that I got free through the drugstore game. lol

@loveGodnotmoney Magazine subscription, books from Amazon (most less than $8), and clothes bought at J.C. Penney’s with coupons!

One other user did not want to reveal his or her name because the gift idea was going to be used on people who read his/her twitter profile! It was a homemade drink mix (like apple cider, hot cocoa, etc.).

Some solid ideas. I love the idea of helping someone set up a blog — especially if they aren’t extremely technical. Paid Twice’s idea of using things garnered from the grocery store game is extremely frugal! Nothing like having future gifts given to you for free by CVS and Walgreens.

As I mentioned a few days ago, we’re choosing to limit our Christmas spending this year. We’re offering our time (spending more time at home on vacation) and choosing to just be together instead of offering each other lavish gifts. I’d mention what frugal gifts I might consider giving this year, but my wife reads this blog. She’s a bright cookie and I think she’d figure it out pretty quick!

What about the rest of you? What frugal or inexpensive gifts are you planning to give this year? Have your Christmas plans been changed by the poor economy?

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Elena December 14, 2008 at 9:28 pm

I’m making a digital scrapbook of my husband’s achievements in 2008. Scrapbooking freebies from the internet and pictures of him creating things throughout the year will make a great self-esteem boost – for FREE (just my time invested). And maybe more things will get done in 2009!

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