Interesting Links for December 15, 2008

by Kevin on December 15, 2008

This weekend I quietly sailed by my 400th post on No Debt Plan. My blogging anniversary is January 18, if I remember correctly. Should be up close to 450 by then. A lot of articles over the last year!

Some articles I found interesting this past week:

Cash Money Life wonders what the rules for regifting should be. I am not a huge fan of regifting, but I can support it if you are giving someone something that they will honestly like and use. Don’t give away junk you received to someone else who will also see it as junk.

Gather Little by Little’s debt snowball melted, yet he doesn’t seem too frustrated by it. A good example of how to persevere even when everything isn’t going perfectly.

Fortune magazine shares 8 different expert opinions on the future of the markets and America. Most of them are very, very pessimistic. That kind of makes me nervous, especially because “Dr. Doom”, Nouriel Roubini, has been pretty much spot on with his predictions lately. In other words, man, we really messed up with this whole mortgage business.


Patrick December 15, 2008 at 11:57 pm

Thanks for the mention. 🙂

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