Year End Review of Our 2008 Goals

by Kevin on December 19, 2008

Back in August I reviewed our financial goals for 2008. This is the last time we’ll take a serious look at 2008. As I mentioned earlier this week, now is the time to set our 2009 financial goals.

Before we get into next year’s planning, I thought I’d take a quick look and see how much we dominated our goals for this year.

In short, we kicked butt. We took names.

  • Our trip to NYC is fully funded. The only issue now is to find time that we’ll be able to take the trip! MBA work and a summer training trip for my wife are destroying our chances of going this summer.
  • Our portion of my MBA tuition is completely funded.
  • We reached 3 months of savings in our emergency fund. We’ve started deploying that money in a CD ladder full of ING Direct CDs.
  • We put as much money toward our 2007 IRA amounts (since we started in February) and have finally caught up for this year. Our last 2008 contributions will go in by the end of the year. (Note: if you are trying to beat the 2008 deadline, you have until you file your taxes, or April 2009).
  • We stopped paying extra on the second mortgage after making a decision that it wasn’t a priority for us.

I had also mentioned way back in January that longer term goals included saving for future car purchases (to pay with cash) and to eventually take a trip to Europe. We haven’t quite started saving for Europe, but we’ve made significant progress on saving for a future car for my wife.

All in all, we have been incredibly blessed over the past year. More blessed than I could possibly describe in a blog post. More blessed than just money issues.

I’ll write about our 2009 goals some time in the future — before January 1st — but we’ve got to come up with first! I encourage you to do the same.

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