Virtual Bank and ING Referral Earnings Up to $160.43

by Kevin on December 28, 2008

I’m officially up to 10% of my earnings goal for Virtual Bank. As I wrote in the past, you could turn a $100 investment in a Virtual Bank account into $1,020. I’ve referred about 15 people, but have only had 6 accounts opened up. That has earned me $120 in referral income as well as a little bit of interest on that money.

With the ING referrals, I’ve earned $40 with 4 referrals for various accounts. Unlike Virtual Bank, I can’t track the interest I earn on that because the referral money lands in our savings account and accrues interest with the rest of the money.

I still have a ton of referrals available.

So I’m putting out another call: if you would like ING Direct savings or checking referrals, or Virtual Bank referrals, let me know. With ING Direct, you open an account with $250 and get $25 for free ($10 for me). With Virtual Bank, you open an account with $100 and get $20 for free ($20 for free). Both accounts can then be used to generate more money for yourself as you refer your friends and family.

Drop me a comment or contact me for a referral!

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Tim McDuffie December 29, 2008 at 5:21 pm

I would like to start earning referrals $$$$$

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