One Last Blogging Goal

by Kevin on January 11, 2009

When I sketched out my 2009 blogging goals I neglected to mention a long standing goal I have.

My ultimate blogging goal is to have 10,000 RSS subscribers. I figure if I have that many subscribers I’m in the top 10 of all the personal finance blogs out there. And with 10,000 subscribers, my traffic numbers to the blog are likely to be enormous as well. High traffic equals higher blog income.

I don’t expect to achieve this goal in 2009. Not even close! But that is sort of the current end goal for the blog — to grow to that point.

I’ve actually made a deal with my wife. I’ve had the same haircut pretty much the entire time we’ve known each other. Her Mom used to cut my hair, and now she does it the exact same way. She really wants to see what I look like with a buzzed haircut. I’m not too keen on it, but hey what the heck.

So we made a deal. When I reach 10,000 subscribers — for a significant period of time — I’ll get my hair buzzed off. When I say a significant period of time I mean at least one or two months. I want it to be a true number of people sticking around and reading No Debt Plan.

For all of you RSS and e-mail subscribers I am sure my wife appreciates it. With the 600 or so subscribers I have currently we are 6% toward our goal. Thanks for your continued readership!


Ashley @ Wide Open Wallet January 15, 2009 at 8:21 pm

You have to post a pic!!

MoneyEnergy April 23, 2009 at 10:04 pm

Nice goal – I guess we really have to be in it for the long haul. I tend not to trust my feedburner RSS count for some reason, I focus on other metrics instead – like raw visit count, number of backlinks, etc. Even number and quality of comments I think says a lot. Keep it up, I’m sure you’ll at least get very close to that goal (aim for stars and you’ll reach the sky, right?).

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