Subscriber Swap Saturday: Remodeling This Life

by Kevin on January 24, 2009

This is the ninth edition of Subscriber Swap Saturday.
This week we are talking with Emily from Remodeling This Life.

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Emily is the author of Remodeling This Life. The blog focuses on living simply and frugally. She documents her family’s journey of downsizing to a smaller home and a simpler life, while sharing ideas for living fabulously without spending a lot of money. Emily is a stay at home mom to two kids and enjoys writing, running, and remodeling her home with her hubby in her free time. You can subscribe to her blog via RSS or e-mail.

Question (No Debt Plan) Your blog mentions you downsized the size of your home and moved to Florida. For those not familiar with the story, what instigated this big decision, and why Florida?

Answer (Remodeling This Life): When my husband and I married, we lived in Colorado, where he grew up and lived most of his life. We moved to Western NY in 2001 to be near my family and spent 4 years there. Hubby didn’t like it, most specifically the winters, so we decided to move. My parents had a home in FL and we visited and loved it here and chose the town we’re in now because it’s right by the ocean and we love the weather. The more general life things that led us here, beyond the weather, were goals we had for purchasing our first fixer upper during a then booming real estate market. Things have changed in that arena, but we’ve come to love living in our fixer even if it’s not what we planned.

Q: As a stay at home Mom, what has been your best tactic for saving money?

A: I don’t clip coupons, I don’t shop in bulk. I just keep our recurring bills low and we do without a lot (no cable, we drive 17 and 18 year old cars, and we just started to grow our own vegetables last year). For me, lasting frugality has less to do with how much I saved at the drug store any given day and more to do with an overall simplicity to my life.

Q: How have you, or plan to, teach your kids about the frugal lifestyle you have adapted?

A: We already teach my 4 year old daughter a lot about conservation of resources, including money. We teach her about reusing, repurposing and reducing things we consume. I hope that by teaching them the broader aspects of frugal living, they’ll learn that it’s not just about dollars kept but also about making a better world around them.

Q: What is an average Saturday night like for your family?

A: We got a Wii for Christmas from my parents so we have started having that as part of our nighttime fun. We watch movies or play the wii, eat popcorn and do lots of giggling in the living room. Nothing really exciting, but for us, it’s just perfect.

Q:  What do you hope to achieve with your blog?

A: I hope to grow into my writing voice, learn more about myself and continue sharing who I am. If others enjoy that and come along for the journey, I am more than thrilled.

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Thanks, Emily! Readers — go check out her blog.

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