Net Worth Update: January 2009

by Kevin on February 3, 2009

January was a great month for my blogging activities. It was also great in terms of net worth growth.

In December we took a pretty significant hit to our net worth due to some annual adjustments I made. I updated the current value for our vehicles, home, and things like that.

In January we made a comeback. All of 2008 went really well for me work wise, and I earned a decent year end bonus and a decent raise. The bonus pushed us over the top in terms of net worth growth, and we gained 3.6%.

We’ve been tracking net worth since December 2007 and since then have seen an overall increase of 37.2%. Not half bad. We’ll continue to press forward in these tough economic times and continue to build up our emergency fund while funding our other savings goals.

How did January treat you? Any unexpected income or expenses?

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