More Virtual Bank and ING Direct Referrals Available

by Kevin on February 10, 2009

I’ve told you in the past that you can earn $20 to $1,020 from Virtual Bank simply by referring your friends and family members. For each referral you earn $20, and the referral earns $20. It’s a win-win.

At the very least you can open up an account (get $20) and if you are married refer your spouse ($20 for you and $20 for them). You’ll turn $200 into $260 really quickly this way. I say $200 because you have to open the account with at least $100.

The kicker is you can refer up to 50 people with your account. 50 people x $20 referral bonus = $1,000 extra dollars in your pocket. You could even double that if your spouse invited 50 people as well.

Doing this I’ve earned $180 by referring 9 people. I’ve sent out a bunch of other referrals, but some people haven’t signed up or haven’t signed up correctly.

That having been said I still have a ton of referrals left to give! So if you want one, just leave a comment or drop me an e-mail.

ING Direct

The same goes for ING Direct referrals. I still have a ton of these suckers left. You have to open either a checking or savings account with them (new customers only, sorry) with at least $250. You get $25 and an awesome account with great customer service, I get $10. Win-win again.

I haven’t been tracking how much money we’ve made off of these referrals as closely because they go directly into our main account, but I’d say at least $50 or so.

Same thing applies here. Just drop a comment or e-mail my way if you need a referral.

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