Month in Review: February 2009

by Kevin on March 3, 2009


February was a short month, but the best I’ve had yet. Thanks for your continued readership!

I’m beginning to wonder if I should be calculating the following statistics on a per day basis. February obviously had 2-3 fewer days than the other months this year, so my post count and other items may look a little down when in reality they were up to par.

The Monthly Stats (vs. 1 month ago):

  • Posts: 29 vs. 34 (29% decrease)
  • Comments/Pingbacks: 191 vs 232 (18% decrease)
  • Visits: 11,693 vs. 11,535 (1% increase)
  • Page Views: 19,370 vs. 18,893 (2.5% increase)
  • RSS Subscribers: 710 vs. 587 (21% increase)

As you can see the post count and comments were down. But all of those other numbers are awesome. I’m loving that in a short month I had more visitors than in January even if it was less than 200. On a per day basis it’s a little bit more significant.

The biggest number on here is the RSS subscribers. I finally broke 700 in February. That’s huge. Thank you so much readers. I’ll be announcing a contest soon to reward you guys so stay tuned 🙂

Popular in February:

These posts were the most popular based on traffic to the article. Some of these are new from February, so check them out if you missed them.

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Top Referrers:

Some great personal finance blogs linked to me this month. I got a ton of traffic thanks to Ramit and JD (#1 and #2 respectively). Thanks for the support, guys.

  1. I Will Teach You to Be Rich (new)
  2. Get Rich Slowly (new)
  3. Gather Little by Little (0)
  4. Remodeling This Life (-3)
  5. Master Your Card (+4)
  6. Free Money Finance (-4)
  7. Poorer Than You (0)
  8. Cash Money Life (-4)
  9. Wide Open Wallet (new)
  10. Budgets are Sexy (new)

What’s Coming in March:

  • How to multiply your tax refund for maximum benefit
  • Continuation of Subscriber Swap Saturday
  • Other odds and ends that cross my mind

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