Net Worth Update: February 2009

by Kevin on March 3, 2009

February was just another “day at the office” in terms of net worth. We are seeing consistent growth in our net worth. Last month it grew 2.36%. This brings us to 40.43% overall growth since December of 2007.

I just ran the numbers and since that time we have averaged a net worth growth of 2.5% per month. I’d like to keep that up for… well, forever.

This growth comes simply from spending less than we earn. It is such a simple concept.

  • Income > expenses.
  • Result? Savings.
  • Savings = increased net worth.
  • Rinse and repeat.

Of course the details of spending less than we earn can be kind of messy. However, once your budget/system is setup to manage your money … things really seem to click.

The best news yet is I’m not even including my blogging income in this growth. That is kept separately because I don’t count on that income.

How did February treat you?

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