Subscriber Swap Saturday: Little People Wealth

by Kevin on March 7, 2009

This is the fourteenth edition of Subscriber Swap Saturday.

I highly encourage all of my readers to subscribe to Little People Wealth for one week and see if you like what you find! Read more about Subscriber Swap Saturday at the link above. You can also read her questions for me at her blog.

Bio: Heidi is the author of the money saving blog Little People Wealth.  She teaches others how to save money by posting deals and free stuff and blogging about how to use coupons and play the drugstore game.  She is a work out of home mom with one son.  For the first two years of her marriage her and her husband made less than 10K, but still managed to not take on debt.  She uses that experience to teach others how they can live on less too! You can subscribe to her blog by RSS or email.

Question (No Debt Plan): So, what’s your frugal story?

Answer (Little People Wealth): I come from a large family (I was the oldest of 10).  Coming from such a large family meant that I learned how to save money from a very young age.  Despite being in a family of 12 making around 30K a year, I never felt poor.  If we wanted something, my parents figured it out.  We still took vacations – my dad took an entire month off once so we could travel the American West in our new to us camper – yep, all 10 (at the time) of us!  What an experience!

My dad taught me a lot about money.  I even helped him with (and later did) the family taxes and got to play in the stock market when I was only 11!  I learned that it is about priorities and smart decisions.  Why spend money on something you don’t need or want – but if you really want something then figure it out, don’t deny yourself 🙂

The biggest thing I like to get across with finances is that being rich is a mindset.  I have so many friends and family members who make at least double what we do, but they are unhappy and over their heads in debt.  I was frustrated on how most money-saving blogs focus on being frugal, miserly, thrifty, and cheap!  I used “wealth” in the title of my blog because I don’t want to be frugal because I have to, I want to be wealthy because I can!

Q: How did you become interested in blogging?

A: Blogging for me was originally a way for me to keep track of my spending and savings.  I started by posting my deals I would get at the grocery and drug stores.  When I found a deal online I would post it to my blog so I would remember.  I could call my friends and family and point them to the blog instead of trying to describe the deal over the phone.  It also kept me accountable for my spending and gave me a way to save deals so I knew if something was really good or not (what did I pay for it last time?)  I found I was having more and more fun challenging myself to find and save more and then readers started coming and it grew from there!

Q: If I remember correctly, you seem to have had a large jump in subscribers in a short period of time. How did you accomplish this?

A: I have grown pretty quickly.  I got my very first subscriber on December 12th, by January I had 19, February I had 248, and March I had 520.  I wish I could give a definitive answer but honestly, I just keep at it!  I post everyday and I think that helps a lot.  I also got a blog calender, which is super helpful for me.  I write out what posts I am going to do and when.  I never get writers block that way.  If I think of something for the future then I will write it in the margin and then schedule it later.

I’ve had a few big series posts that drew a lot of people – I have a “10 Reasons Why you Aren’t Rich” series that ended up getting posted quite a few other places.  I did a series on how to make money on ebay.  I also did a series on how to save money at Christmas that I had a lot of readers for that later subscribed.  I try to make these “cornerstone” posts and then mix them with my daily deals and freebies.

I also try to go the extra mile for my readers and blog friends and I think this stands out.  When I am given an award or tag – I make sure I thank the person who gave it to me.  If I pass it on I always write why the person I am passing it to is great.  I don’t just type out a list of links.  If I get a question via email I will research it and send them an answer back.  I have spent almost as much time on my email as posting.  I offer completely free advertising for WAHP’s (although they usually do a giveaway at their expense, their choice).  My blog has always been about helping people for me and I think this comes through.

Q: You are trying to get to the point where you can stay at home with a child, right? What are your top three tips for saving money on your way to doing this?

A: Yep :-)  My kiddo is now 18 months and we plan on trying to go to one income sometime in 2011 (when we have a second kiddo).

1) Live way below your means – try to put away at least half of your income.
2) Max out your retirement (you won’t be contributing for a long time so you will need to add that money now)
3) Learn to shop for deals – stock up on things you use when they are free or cheap, purchase items you know will work for Christmas and special occasions when they are on sale.  It is amazing how much money you can save doing that!  The money you save now can be put toward savings or debt.  Later it will be how you can continue to give freely and not have to say “I can’t afford to buy you something this year.”

Q:  How long have you been married and what is the largest change that has occurred in your combined finances?

A: I have been married for just under 6 years now.  The largest change has been having to run purchases through my husband (and him vice versa).  We are pretty good about asking the right questions to make sure the other person really wants it – and if they do then we buy it, but it is still odd to have to get “permission” again!

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Thanks for the interview, Little People Wealth. Readers — this is a very fast growing blog. I think you’ll enjoy all of the deals she helps find for you.

Hey other bloggers: want to be interviewed for Subscriber Swap Saturday? I’ve got a bunch of openings. Just drop a comment or e-mail my way.

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