How You Can Help No Debt Plan Succeed

by Kevin on March 10, 2009

March is turning into a fantastic month here at No Debt Plan. If things continue the way they are right now, I should have the most traffic I’ve ever received. So first, thanks!

I wanted to share how you can help this blog to continue to succeed. I am only one person. Sure, I write articles for you to read. That’s just the first step in the process, and I need your help to continue this blog’s growth.

How You Can Help This Blog Grow

Here’s how I see this. By promoting the growth of No Debt Plan you are helping me help you. The more readers I have, the more inspired I am to continue to write.

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That’s probably pretty obvious. At least I would hope I haven’t run anyone off!

I don’t care how you read. If you come back and visit the blog every day in your internet browser, that’s fine. Other folks get instant notification of new blog posts via RSS. Others get daily recaps via e-mail at night. All of these are beneficial to the blog and help show that there is a growing, developing audience for the blog.

Promote No Debt Plan on Your Social Networks

Social media sites are capable of bringing hundreds of thousands of users to a site. Obviously, that’s a good thing. If you don’t use a social media site you might consider doing so just to help out the blogs you read.

Some of the most popular ones that send traffic here are at the bottom of every post. They look like this:

Consider sharing this post with others:
Tipd Reddit StumbleUpon Technorati

The first is Tip’d. Tip’d is like Digg except the focus is on personal finance, money, and business. For the uninitiated, Digg is one of the largest social media sites around. With Tip’d you can submit articles and then other users vote up or down on whether or not they like the article. The more popular (and useful) the post is to other users, the more attention it gets. So your votes at Tip’d are a huge benefit to this blog.

The second is Reddit. Reddit is similar to both Tip’d and Digg. Articles are voted up and down based on their popularity.

The third is a bit different — Stumble Upon (SU). SU is installed as a toolbar in your browser (below where you type in a web address like You click “Stumble!” and it sends you stumbling through the sites it is tracking. You give those sites thumbs up and thumbs down — another voting type mechanism.

Those are the main three sites I use to try and promote No Debt Plan. Your assistance in getting my articles higher up on the social media sites would be absolutely huge.

Tell Your Friends

With social media sites you are sharing my articles with the world. Why not consider telling your friends and family about the site as well? You probably know someone that needs some financial help. Maybe they don’t know how to budget. Maybe they’ve got a ton of debt and are lost as to how to get out. Maybe you know a single mom that needs frugal tips.

These are all people I am trying to reach through my writing. Help them sign up for e-mail updates or show them how to bookmark the web address so they can visit often.

Start a Discussion

One of the things that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside is when someone comments on a post. Comments don’t have to be all positive either. I like to stoke your intellectual fire — I love when people disagree. When someone disagrees with you it challenges your initial thought and makes you reevaluate where you stand.

Comments can also help other users without my input — that’s awesome. Someone can ask a question and another reader can put up the answer. That’s where the building of a community comes in. I think we’re starting to see that with some really consistent commentors, but we aren’t there yet. So your help here is greatly appreciated.

Follow Me on Twitter

TwitterCounter for @nodebtplanI’ve tried to explain what Twitter is in the past, and it isn’t easy. It’s part instant messaging, part social media. You follow users and whenever they tweet (post an update of 140 characters or less), it shows up on your Twitter home page. The link above will show you my profile and what I’ve tweeted recently.

Showing My Appreciation

So how can I thank all of you readers for coming back time and time again? I’m thinking we’ll run a contest that starts sometime soon. I’ll write a follow up post later today to generate some feedback from you (i.e. what you want to win!).

Thanks for your continued readership!


Pinyo March 10, 2009 at 10:25 am

Congratulation on all the successes you’ve been experiencing.

Do You Dave Ramsey? March 10, 2009 at 5:04 pm

Keep up the great work Kevin and blazing a trail for the little guys in your wake!

I have your in my reader and blog roll and will look for opportunities to link to your site… perhaps it’s not much, but I’m rooting for your continued success!

Best of luck with your traffic targets!


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