Subscriber Swap Saturday: Engineer a Debt Free Life

by Kevin on March 14, 2009

This is the fifteenth edition of Subscriber Swap Saturday.

For the uninitiated, every Saturday I do an interview with another blogger. That blogger also interviews me and posts that interview on their website.We then tell our readers — hey, I think this guy is interesting, you should subscribe to his blog for a week.

This week I’m interviewing Money Savin’ Momma. I highly encourage all of my readers to subscribe to her blog and see if you like what you find! Read more about Subscriber Swap Saturday at the link above. Her questions for me are up at her blog as well.

Bio: Money Savin’ Momma is a co-author of Engineer a Debt Free Life (EADFL), a blog that shows others how to save money and find freebies, ways to make money online, and how to get out of debt.  Her husband started the blog in April 2008, and she began blogging on EADFL in Fall 2008, after quitting her job as a library consultant to stay at home with their young son.  You can subscribe to Engineer a Debt Free Life blog via RSS or email.

Question (No Debt Plan): You and your husband share a pretty interesting story on your blog. Tell us a little bit about your journey in personal finance.

Answer (Engineering a Debt Free Life): I have always been a thrifty person and a “saver”.  I LOVE to find bargains!  In fact, it is hard for me to spend money on large purchases!  I grew up on a farm, and being frugal is a part of farm life.  I learned to bargain shop and went to thrift stores from a young age.

My husband however, was raised differently, and was more of a “spender” until after our son was born.  After we became parents, we really started to analyze our financial situation and look at how we could save money and get out of debt. My husband started Engineer a Debt Free Life blog to motivate himself, and others, to save money and get out of debt.

The blog has helped us stay accountable with our spending.  In 2008, we made the decision for me to begin staying home with our son full-time, and as a result, we have learned to become even more frugal.  I would actually say being thrifty and paying off debt has gotten easier since I quit my job.

Our life is less stressful now, and we have more energy to find good deals and freebies!  We are also motivated to spend even less, now that we only have one full-time income!

What’s life like being married to an engineer?

Wonderful! As an engineer, my husband is super organized and very creative.  His creativity really shows in his cooking, and that’s why you’ll find all the bulk cooking recipes and ideas on our site.  He is great at coming up with original solutions to almost any problem.  I think this is evident in many of the “how to” posts he’s done on Engineer a Debt Free Life.  His creative and helpful blog posts are really an illustration of his “engineering personality”.

Oh, and my husband said I should answer this question as “what’s not to love about engineers”.  LOL.

Over the past year what are some of the biggest strides you made in your finances?

The biggest stride has been totally overhauling our budget, cutting out everything to the point of sacrificing so that we can pay down debt with “gazelle intensity” (a Dave Ramsey phrase).  For us this meant finding all the waste in our budget, cutting out the unnecessary extras, and finding free or cheap alternatives to things we were paying for.  We have been able to pay off a lot of debt in 2008, and hope to increase our efforts in 2009!

What is your favorite part about blogging?

I really like being able to share ways to save and make money online with our readers.  There are a lot of great deals and money making opportunities out there that many people aren’t aware of!  As a librarian (that’s what I did before deciding to stay home with our son), I believe in the importance of sharing information with others.  Blogging is the perfect way to share new information and new resources with others!  And there is the “thrill of the hunt” in finding freebies and deals!

How do you handle conflict (especially over money) in your marriage?

We really have very little conflict over money in our marriage right now.  We talk regularly about our financial goals.  When dealing with conflict, we both share our thoughts on the positives or negatives of a particular decision, and then come to a joint decision about how to proceed.  Talking about finances on a regular basis helps a lot.  We are both human and make mistakes, but that’s part of life.  We forgive each other, and move along on our journey in life together.

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Thanks for the interview, Money Savin’ Momma! Good luck continuing your journey out of debt.

Hey other bloggers: want to be interviewed for Subscriber Swap Saturday? I’ve got a bunch of openings. Just drop a comment or e-mail my way.


$ Money Savin' Momma $ March 14, 2009 at 6:54 am

Thanks for the interview! Good luck with your blog!

$ Money Savin’ Momma $
Engineer a Debt Free Life

Nate @ Debt-free Scholar March 14, 2009 at 7:03 am

Hey, NDP

I might be willing to interview with you sometime in the future. I will have to think about whether my readers would like it or not.


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